With Optional 3-Night Jordan Post Tour Extension!

The Enigmatic Sphinx stands guard on the Giza Plateau

Explore the expansive Karnak Temple, dating back to 2000 B.C.; Embark on a leisurely paced 4-night cruise and discover the secrets of the Nile, the world’s longest river; explore the Valley of the Kings; and enjoy a special welcome dinner overlooking the banks of the Nile.  Visit the Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world; take in a sound and light show at Philae Temple; dress up and join the fun during a traditional galabeya party, and much more.

Twin Fellucas sail past the desert dunes near Aswan


April 14-25, 2022


Group #968729

Featuring a deluxe 4-night Nile River Cruise, Giza, Grand Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids, Memphis, Sakkara, Luxor, the Temples at Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Cairo, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, and more.  12 days, 21 meals, hotel, air, and taxes; passport required.  $4699 Double; $5399 Single ($200 discount if booked by October 15, 2021)

A map outlining the tour progression


  • Day 1: Overnight Flight
  • Day 2-4: Kempinski Nile Hotel Garden City, Cairo
  • Day 5-8: Movenpick Royal Lily
  • Day 9: Movenpick Resort, Aswan
  • Day 10-11: Intercontinental Citystars, Cairo


A stunning planting of bright pink and white bouganvillea on the Corniche in Luxor

Day 1: Thursday, April 14, 2022: Step back in time and explore thousands of years of history, legend, and lore as you view Egypt’s timeless wonders.



Day 2: Friday, April 15, 2022: Begin your journey in Cairo, an ancient city with an intriguing past.

The ancient step pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara

Day 3: Saturday, April 16, 2022:  Fulfill a lifelong dream!  Get an intriguing glimpse into ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs, power struggles, and dynasties as you explore the remarkable collections of the Grand Egyptian Museum*.  See the statues, reliefs, sarcophagi, and treasures from the tomb of Tutankhamun.  This evening gather for a special welcome dinner overlooking the banks of the Nile.  (B, D)



*The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), also known as the Giza Museum, is a planned museum of artifacts of ancient Egypt. Described as the largest archaeological museum in the world, the museum is under construction and is scheduled to open in 2020, exhibiting the full Tutankhamun collection with many pieces to be displayed for the first time.

The famous statues of Rahotep - brother of Pharaoh Khufu - and his wife

Day 4: Sunday, April 17, 2022: The day is yours to experience the energy of Cairo’s buzzing streets.  Wander a maze of stalls at the market, relax at a local café, or maybe even spend time in one of the city’s many museums. Perhaps you will join a full-day exploration of Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city; you’ll discover the city’s Hellenic roots and Greco-Roman architecture, set in unique harmony with the ultramodern facades like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.  Or you may choose to join a local guide for a tour of Sakkara and Djoser’s Step Pyramid.  (B)

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari is cut into the mountainside

Day 5:  Monday, April 18, 2022: Early this morning, fly to Luxor, site of Ancient Thebes (UNESCO) and home to the expansive Karnak Temple.  Wander through this 4,000-year-old complex of pylons and obelisks, often of near-mythic proportions.  This afternoon, board your cruise ship for a leisurely voyage on the Nile.  Relax aboard, taking in the views from the sundeck or perhaps joining an informative talk covering Egypt from past to present.  Tonight, you might opt to join an evening visit to Luxor temple, all lit up and boasting fascinating plays of light and shadow, ending your evening at a local café for a taste of mint tea.  (B)

The forest of columns in the hypostyle hall of the main sanctuary of Karnak was designed to impress

Day 6:  Tuesday, April 19, 2022: Start your morning by venturing thousands of years into the past.  Cross over to the West Bank of the Nile for a day in ancient Thebes.  Explore the Valley of the Kings, including the world-renowned tombs of Tutankhamun and Ramses VI.  Visit the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut as well as the Colossi of Memnon before returning to the ship for lunch.  Relax as you continue down the Nile on your way to Edfu.  Join a culinary demonstration and learn about the staples of Egyptian cuisine from your chef.  This evening, dress up and join the fun during a traditional galabeya party.  (B, L, D)

Passengers dressed up for the galabeya party on board the ship

Day 7:  Wednesday, April 20, 2022: Step into another world at the well-preserved Temple of Horus at Edfu.  Peruse the endless carvings of scenes depicting the power and grandeur of the pharaohs.  After lunch, set sail for Kom Ombo and continue to Aswan, the Nubian City.  Following dinner, enjoy a folklore show featuring a belly dancing performance.  (B, L, D)

A snake charmer just outside the Kom Ombo temple with one of our passengers

Day 8:  Thursday, April 21, 2022: Learn about Aswan’s ancient trade of granite extraction and carving techniques during a visit to an ancient quarry featuring an unfinished obelisk.  Board a felucca (wooden sailboat) and sail to the lush oasis of Kitchener Island where you embark on a short stroll through the botanical gardens.  The afternoon is yours.  (B, L, D)

Two of our passengers at the Temple of Philae - great fun

Day 9:  Friday, April 22, 2022: Disembark the ship this morning in Aswan.  Consider an optional tour to Abu Simbel** and see the extraordinary temples of Ramses II relocated here during the construction of the High Dam. At dusk, board a motorboat to discover the Philae Temple (UNESCO), an architectural wonder.  As the stars dance in the sky, gaze in awe at the temple during a Sound and Light Show.  (B, D)

The botanic garden on Kitchner Island is an oasis of green and palms

Day 10:  Saturday, April 23, 2022: Early this morning, return to Cairo.  Walk along el-Moez Street admiring the elegant Islamic architecture of Historic Cairo (UNESCO).  Enjoy some free time to shop in the world-famous souk of Khan el Khalili.  Peruse colorful trinkets, hand-painted crafts, polished pendants, jewelry, and much more.  (B)

A photo of Akmed, a nice young man who was selling sandalwood bead necklaces at the market

Day 11:  Sunday, April 24, 2022: Fulfill a lifelong dream and head to nearby Giza (UNESCO).  Embark on an in-depth visit to the Pyramids of Giza, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.  Marvel at the iconic Great Sphinx, one of the world’s oldest and largest monuments.  Then, it’s your choice!  Visit the Solar Boat Museum, which contains a large vessel built for a pharaoh to use as transportation into the afterlife -OR- channel your inner explorer and venture inside the largest Pyramid of Giza via the Robber’s Tunnel, winding through the inner chamber***.  Join your fellow travelers this evening for a farewell dinner.  (B, D)  

Day 12: Monday, April 25, 2022: Your epic adventure comes to a close today.  Return home with anew understanding of this mystical land.  (B)

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The pool is on the top deck of your cruise ship, the Movenpick Royal Lily
The pool is on the top deck of your cruise ship, the Movenpick Royal Lily

Optional 4 Days 3-Night Jordan Post Tour Extension including Petra and the Dead Sea


Rate: $1,499 USD per person, double, land only, airfare is not included.  5 Meals: 3 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners included 

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Jordan Post Tour Extension.pdf
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A Standard Cabin on board the Movenpick Royal Lily awaits your Pleasure
A Standard Cabin on board the Movenpick Royal Lily awaits your Pleasure

An Egyptian visa is required for this tour and costs approximately $25 USD.  You must obtain your own visa upon arrival in Egypt.  Visas can be obtained at the airport and payment needs to be made in cash.  Rates are subject to change at any time based on governing authority.


Single accommodations are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.  Due to cabin configurations, triple and child accommodations are not available.


The Egyptian Government charges a camera and/or video fee of approximately 18 USD for taking photos inside the Valley of Kings.  Your tour manager will collect these fees at the beginning of the tour day and pay the government accordingly.


The overall activity level on this tour is a level 3.  This means that you are an on-the-go traveler.  You don’t want to miss a thing, so walking and standing for longer periods of time (1-2 hours) isn’t a big deal.  You can navigate hills and uneven ground, climb into various modes of transportation (tuk-tuk, cable car, zodiac, etc.), and could possibly anticipate changes in elevation.  Our itineraries include many activities that require walking on uneven terrain and sand.  Visiting the Tombs of the Valley of the Kings requires descending steep staircases and/or ramps with limited help from handrails.  These visits may not be suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia.  Some of the most unique sightseeing can mean accessing locations that restrict motor coaches, especially in historic areas.  For your comfort, we recommend bringing sturdy walking shoes.  You can expect some longer days balanced with free time to recharge or set out on your own adventure.  Temperatures can reach 100º F, particularly in Luxor and Aswan.  Be sure to bring adequate sun protection.  For inter-flights between Luxor and Aswan, you should expect early morning departures from your hotel due to early morning flight schedules.  You should also expect early morning departures on the days the Valley of the Kings and Pyramids of Giza are featured.


Each guest is responsible for proper medical documentation and inoculations that may be required and/or recommended to participate on this tour.  Please contact your local travel clinic or personal physician for specific details on the destinations you are traveling to and from.


* Grand Egyptian Museum is projected to pen in early 2021.  If opening is delayed, groups will visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.


** Due to flight schedules, the Abu Simbel option must be purchased at the time of booking.



***Visiting the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops in Giza requires agility as you will have to climb up steep, narrow steps (approximately 1- 1½ feet tall) on the side of the Pyramid without the help of handrails.  To access the inner chamber, you will need to crouch and at times to crawl up the narrow shaft with minimal help of handrails.  This activity is not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia. 


The main entry pylon at the immense Temple of Karnak in Luxor

Experience it!  Luxor

Home to a vast majority of Egypt’s antiquities, Luxor is often referred to as the world’s greatest open-air museum.  This city, parted by the Nile, has been visited by travelers for centuries.  Even the Greeks and Romans would travel to see the treasures that lie here.  Its immense number of monuments is incredible.  There’s the famous Valley of the Kings which boasts 63 royal tombs, each more elaborate than the next…and Karnak, a vast complex of temples and gigantic statues including the Temple of Amun, known to be the largest religious building ever constructed.  Luxor will bring you back to ancient times while you are awed by the wealth of its leaders and the skill of its people.

Brightly painted boats are anchored on shore at Luxor

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